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Did you know that on average, auto-related crashes result in one person being injured after every 2 minutes 3 seconds in Texas alone? In 2019, more than 256,338 people were injured in motor vehicle traffic crashes. Car crashes are some of the most unexpected events in life that leave an instant and lasting impact. T98 Rehab Chiropractic and Wellness, has been helping auto accident injuries in Austin for years. We understand the emotional, and physical pain one faces after such an accident. That is why we are committed to helping patients heal and get results.

So, remember this: are you feeling symptoms of injury after a car accident? Pain, numbness, dizziness, not feeling like yourself, or whatever it is? Seek care immediately. Don’t assume that your injuries will clear up on their own. Do the safe thing and get checked out.

Why You Should Go See a Chiropractor After An Auto Accident Injury

While many auto injuries are often tackled through surgeries, the procedures are expensive. Chiropractic care can provide you an efficient, non-drug, and surgery-free way to relieve your pain. For instance, neck, back, and shoulder pain that result from auto or boat accidents are easily tackled through Chiropractic care.

Chiropractors use a noninvasive to deal with the pain. At T98 chiropractic and rehab center, we understand that every patient’s needs are different.  As such, our skilled chiropractors customize their approach to meet the specific needs of the patient. This reduces the recovery process, allowing you to bounce back to your regular activities in less time.

At T98 Chiropractic and Rehab center, we employ chiropractic treatment that addresses the pain and injuries. We offer chiropractic adjustments that not only relieve the pressure on the spine and muscles but also help ease the pain from a car accident. We also employ corrective exercises that assist to bring back your body‘s full range of motion.

Even if you are involved in a minor auto accident, one visit to your doctor isn’t enough to guarantee your safety. Unfortunately, most of the auto accident injuries aren’t immediate. This means while your doctor could treat the visible injuries this doesn’t guarantee that your body functions are reverted to normality. Our chiropractors take their time to do a thorough investigation and address any underlying cause that could turn to live threatening injuries if not left unchecked. T98 Chiropractors will not only address the immediate pain but also make the necessary adjustments that promote better overall health.

 What to Do After an Auto Accident

What To Do After an Auto Accident

Our bodies are not designed to handle a crash, this means regardless of the accident severity or how safe your car is rated, life-altering injuries can still occur. Auto accidents affect our bodies in various manners, and the effects may not be present immediately after the accident. At T98 Rehab and Chiropractic office, we have experienced professionals who assist in accessing the auto accident effects on the body. This will help treat the injuries that occur immediately after the accidents as well as any other post-accident effects. While there are various things, you can do after an auto accident in terms of both legal action and health perspective. From the healing side of things, here are some of the crucial things to do if you have been involved in an auto or boat accident.

  1. Stay calm

    A range of emotions is normal, especially after an accident. You might feel shocked, angry, sad, and guilty. These emotions are okay. However, you need to realize that you are having these emotions and do something that helps you relax. For instance, taking deep breaths will help you calm down and deal with the situation better.

  2. Verify that you are safe

    The first thing to do is to check you are safe. Ensure that the vehicle has stopped moving, and you are no longer in immediate danger. Check to see if you have any life threatening injuries, and if you do, make sure you don’t move. If you have passengers in the car, you should also ask and observe them, and to stay put as they could risk aggravating life threatening injuries as well. You can also look around to see if a pedestrian was injured in the process.Before making any decision, call and wait for help to arrive.

  3. Call emergency number 911

    Call 911 and give them your location. Wait for the dispatch team to arrive and follow their instructions. If the team thinks that you or your passengers need immediate medical attention, follow them to the hospital or request an ambulance.

  4. Clear the way

    If you can still drive, you should move your car especially if it is creating a safety hazard or blocking the traffic after calling 911. However, you should never leave the accident scene.

  5. Call your insurance

    You need to notify yours and the at-fault auto insurance immediately after you get involved in an accident. The insurance is not liable when you leave the accident scene without notifying them. Depending on your location, the insurer may send their representative to access the damage. They may also give you instructions to take pictures of the scene. Make sure that you follow whatever instruction they may give to you.

  6. Accept Medical Care

    If you feel any headaches, neck or body aches and pain, don’t hesitate to have a medical practitioner go and check on your health with your PCP, Urgent Care or Standalone ER.

  7. Make appointments with a Chiropractor

    While paramedics or ER doctors may take care of your immediate severe injuries and symptoms after a car accident, you should seek out further treatment for a comprehensive evaluation at how your body was affected. At T98 Rehab & Chiropractic in Austin,TX, the Chiropractor and staff are knowledgeable and skilled in treatment for car accident injuries. These types of injuries can be tricky because symptoms don’t always appear right after the accident. In fact, symptoms of whiplash and other soft tissue inflammation, the most common car accident injury, can show up in the hours and even days after the accident.

The Effect Automobile Accidents Have On the Body

The harsh truth is our body is soft, and cars are hard-core metals. When you think of it, when you are in the vehicle, the closest thing to you is your steering wheel, hand brake, dashboard, and the pillar between the two side windows. All these items are made from metals and hard plastics. The windscreen and windows are made from glass. When your car hits something, your body collides with these items. A good example of this scenario is shaking an egg in a metal can.

True, all collisions aren’t the same, and various factors affect the severity of the injuries. This includes things such as the type of crash (head-on, side crash, rollover, etc), the driving speed, whether you were wearing a seatbelt, whether the automobile has airbags, and much more. According to research, seatbelted drivers tend to suffer lower limb and chest injuries when they are involved in an accident. If the driver has no safety belt, they may suffer severe facial, head, and chest injuries. In case of a side-on crash, serious injuries are prone to the chest, head, and hip area. On the other hand, rear crashes may lead to neck, head, chest, and spine.

The bottom line, individuals involved in most road crashes go to the hospital immediately. Wearing a safety belt may help save you from serious injuries. Airbags can also reduce injury severity. However, the sudden impact could still lead to various injuries. These injuries might not be felt immediately after the accident. Thus, the need to contact a licensed Chiropractor would be a better option within days of the car accident.

At T98 Rehab & Chiropractic, we have experienced Chiropractors and staff members who help to treat the patient with a personalized care plan in the course of therapy. After a thorough examination and evaluation, you will be diagnosed accordingly to the cause of your discomfort and then work with our integrative approach systems with orthopedists, pain management specialists, physical therapists, and other health care providers to ensure your care is comprehensive and tailored to your needs. With “same day” appointments available, there is no need to delay getting the care you need.

What Injuries Can Occur During A Crash?

When you are driving a car, boat, or any other vehicle, your body, and the vehicle have kinetic energy. When there is a crash, the kinetic energy released because of a sudden crash impacts your body, leading to injuries and pain. While modern cars have new technology and safety features that help absorb the kinetic energy, these safety features could also play a small part as a mechanism of injury during the crash.

Below are some of the common injuries that you may suffer when you are involved in an auto-related accident. Even without serious injury, you may have some soreness or pain that follows due to the way your body is jolted around on impact. While these may seem annoying and irritating, slight pains like this can become chronic issues in the future if left untreated.Let’s take a brief moment to discuss each of these common conditions.

    • Discogenic Pain and Herniation

      Discogenic pain refers to pain that is associated with the spinal discs. These round pieces of jelly-like materials is the cushioning between each vertebrae that makes up the spine. They also allow for movement and stability. Injuries to one or more spinal discs can cause uncomfortable pain.

      Discogenic pain and herniation occur as the condition of the spinal discs either gradually worsen or protrudes over time or as a result of sudden acute trauma, such as in a car crash. This rupture by itself is often not painful, however, the protruding material then often comes in contact with surrounding nerves, which very much does cause pain.The majority of people experience discogenic pain in the neck or lower spine area.

    • Sprains and Strains

      Sprains and strains often result from excessive force, like lifting a heavy object, a sports injury, or a car crash. These traumas cause the excessive stretching of the ligaments, muscles, and tendons in the back to stretch too much. These injuries often are not diagnosed by imaging and instead rely on a detailed examination.

    • Spinal Stenosis

      The word stenosis in medicine means the abnormal narrowing of a body channel. Therefore, spinal stenosis refers to a narrowing of the bone channel that houses the spinal nerves and spinal cord. Spinal stenosis is most commonly caused by natural aging, however, it can be caused by trauma such as a car accident. In these cases, often a ruptured disc or bone fragment is invading the spinal canal space, applying pressure to the nerves or cord and causing pain.

    • Facet Injuries after a Car Accident

      Facet joints are part of the spine. These joints are surrounded by thick ligaments that secretes a viscous fluid that lubricates the joints and allows the spine to move easily. These joints help to support the weight of the body and facilitate movement between each vertebra. Facet joints work in conjunction with the spinal discs to allow strong, controlled movement throughout the spine and entire body.

Facet joint pain may also arise from aggravation or nerve irritation of the joint from a herniated disc. When this happens, the nearby muscles spasms in an effort to help protect the area from further damage by preventing movement.

  • Tissue Damages and Fractures

    Fractures and tissue damages are often difficult to diagnose especially when you don’t seek medical attention. Increased adrenaline rush often fools accident victims. While you may feel physically okay immediately after the accident, you may have a fractured bone or damaged ligaments, which you may not feel unless a doctor examines with an X-ray or MRI. While you may not feel pain, this condition may worsen with time and could lead to life-altering injuries.

  • Shoulder and Neck Pain

    Neck and shoulder pain are common injuries that may result even at slow speeds. Neck and shoulder pain is debilitating and could lead to loss of mobility. When left untreated, the pain could prevent you from performing your common daily task. These conditions could also progress and cause a secondary condition such as migraines, headaches, and other body parts aches. T98 chiropractors offer integrated therapies including massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, as well as rehabilitation exercises that help deal with the pain depending on its location and severity.

  • Arm and Leg Pain

    Arm and leg pain is common especially immediately after an accident. Our hands and legs have complex bone density, which absorbs the impact. Pain in these areas often indicates muscle impact or nerve ending damage. Most often, you may not experience any physical injuries such as cuts and burns. However, you will feel pain, as though you have bumped into something. At T98 Rehab & Chiropractic Wellness Center, we understand that no two persons are the same. As such, we create a personalized treatment play by evaluating and determining the root problem. Our treatment plan includes rehabilitation exercises and correcting the misaligned body postures that could be causing pressure to your ligaments and tendons.

  • Chest and Stomach

    Upon an instant impact, your chest, stomach, and other abdominal cavity organs thrust forward. This will cause them to stretch and meet the abdominal wall. Similarly, these organs absorb the impact of hitting the seatbelt, which could lead to rupture or bruising, resulting in an internal bruise or worse-bleeding. Our experienced chiropractors will do a detailed examination and provide therapy and diagnostic imaging to prevent and seek further damages.

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Traumatic brain injury is another common and potentially severe injury that you can sustain during an auto accident. A CT scan or MRI can will diagnostically determines this type of injury. While there are various traumatic brain injuries, the most common is often a closed injury or concussion. Some of the main concussion symptoms include headaches, drowsiness, mood swings, confusion, and blurred vision, just to mention a few.

  • Whiplash And Other Soft Tissue Injuries

    Soft tissue injuries affect your body’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Generally, these injuries occur when there is overexertion of the connective tissues. In most cases, after an auto accident, whiplash is a common soft injury. It usually occurs when the connective tissue in the neck and back is suddenly hyper-stretched. While this pain goes away on its own, it is very irritating and can affect your productivity significantly.

    You don’t need to wait for weeks for the condition to resolve on its own. At T98, our chiropractors are experienced in helping you in getting rid of this discomfort within a short period. Apart from pain, whiplash tissue injury condition is characterized by dizziness, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, inability to turn your head, and sleep disturbance. After a thorough examination and consultation, our chiropractors will advise you on some of the exercises to perform to alleviate the pain.

    Different injuries will require different frequencies of chiropractic care, and our Chiropractor will have the best answer to what that looks like for you. If you are experiencing severe pain and suffering from something like whiplash, you may need to go every few days, to begin with so that the problem doesn’t worsen between visits. Minor soreness may only require a weekly visit for a short period.

    T98 Chiropractor will likely recommend at least one follow-up visit after your initial evaluation to make sure nothing else becomes apparent as your body begins to heal.

  • Seat Belt Injuries

    Generally, the seat belt is designed to prevent the passenger and driver from severe injuries. The seat belt prevents you from being thrown out of the car. Unfortunately, during the instant stops, the belt causes a sudden impact on your chest, shoulders, and abdomen. T98 Rehab and Chiropractic offers you various treatments and therapies including chiropractic adjustment and physiotherapy that helps to correct the micro-tears in your muscles and tendons.

  • Cuts

    When a car hits a barrier or another vehicle, something will eventually break. You may suffer cuts from contact with broken glass, sharp metal, and other flying debris. Treating the cuts will help prevent potentially life-threatening infections. When notice cuts, make an immediate effort to go to the hospital or a stand-alone ER or Urgent Care. Seeing your PCP as a follow-up is an option.

  • Fractures

    Fractures are painful and can occur during a car crash. Most often, surgery is involved followed by extensive rehabilitation. This is where we come in. The rehabilitation process is often long and expensive. However, being in this field for quite a long period, our chiropractors have come up with innovative techniques that help you get back to normal functioning within a short period.

Auto Injury Symptoms

Car accidents, whether major or not, are dreadful experiences. Since everyone handles car crashes differently, it is hard to determine whether you suffered a dangerous injury or not. When left untreated these injuries could lead to serious back pain. While you may not feel hurt after a car crash, it is important to be checked by a chiropractor if any pain symptoms are not resolved. If you feel any of the following symptoms after a car crash, it is worth visiting a local pain expert who will determine if the symptom could lead to serious injuries. If you are in Austin, Texas, or neighboring cities, visit T98 Rehab & Chiropractic Wellness Center. We have experienced chiropractors who provide customized treatment to help your body heal within a short period.

  • Neck Pain or Stiffness

    Neck Pain Treatment

    A stiff neck is one of the most common symptoms associated with car crashes. Whiplash is an uncomfortable condition that limits your motion. It is often characterized by stiffness or pain in the neck especially while you try to turn your head. Our experienced chiropractor uses several techniques to restore the normal functioning of the neck. Helping you recover in a shorter period of time is one of our goals.


  • Headaches


    Headaches and migraines are not unusual, especially after a car crash. However, when it persists days or weeks after the car accident, it could be a signal of more serious issues. A CT scan or MRI is referred out for further diagnostic evaluation. Migraines could signify head or neck injury as well as blood clots in the brain, which are fatal. Our chiropractors will do a thorough examination and help treat the cause of the headaches with necessary imaging. After this, T98 chiropractors will come up with a customized treatment plan to address your specific condition.

  • Changes in Function or Personality

    Personality and mood changes are also a common sign that indicates traumatic brain injury from car accidents. Personality changes are usually characterized by having a bad mood or general depression. You could also have trouble focusing, thinking, or being emotional. Refer out for professional counseling.

  • Numbness and back pain

    Upper and Middle Back Pain

    Auto accident injuries could lead to numbness feeling in the arms and legs. This could be a result of nerve root irritation. Neck and lower back pain is caused by pinched nerves, muscle injury, and worn-out ligaments due to the collision impact. T98 chiropractors specialize in neck and back pain and help treat the spine and muscles back to its proper position. This will not only eliminate the pain but also improve your range of motion by tackling the injuries among others.

  • Shoulder pain


    Shoulder pain is common after a car injury. Our body is not designed to handle the instant impact. Our shoulders respond to absorb the shock, leaving them susceptible to injuries. Chiropractors at T98 Rehab office work diligently to restore your injuries and current conditions. This will help ease the shoulder pain, neck stiffness, and back pain.

  • Loss of range of motion

    Car accident impact could lead to a loss of range of motion. As mentioned previously, the automobile crash could lead to a stiff neck and numbness in your arms and legs. Our chiropractors use advanced and safe techniques to restore your range of motion within a short period.

  •  Chronic pain

    Chronic pain could render you unable to perform your daily chores. Our licensed chiropractors will treat each case individually and find the right treatment to fit the patient’s specific needs. Addressing the issues as soon as possible will help shorten the recovery time. Therefore, if you are experiencing chronic pain in different parts of the body, contact T98 Chiropractic and Rehab center as soon and have our experienced professionals to help you get back to normal functioning.

  • Muscle pain and soreness

After an auto accident, you may notice muscle pain, soreness, and body aches. These symptoms often come from structurally bone or soft tissue injuries. It is no surprise that after such an accident with all the impact you face, you will notice tight and sore muscles for a few days. The chiropractors at T98 Chiropractic and Rehab are here to help. You can view our blog “The Importance of Visiting a Chiropractor After Experiencing Muscle Pain Following a Car Accident or Auto Injury” for more tips on how to relieve these symptoms.

Some of the other common symptoms that may indicate a serious condition after a car accident includes:

  • Lasting pain and stiffness
  • Swelling of the abdomen
  • Dizziness
  • Chronic pain
  • Worsening of pain with movement
  • Blurred vision
  • Tenderness/pain in the shoulder, upper back, or arms
  • Tingling or numbness in the arms or legs
  • Fatigue
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Cold/flu-like symptoms
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Memory problems
  • Difficulty concentration
  • Depression
  • Muscle ache
  • Shooting/stabbing pain
  • Pain that worsens with bending, lifting, standing, or walking

Why You Should Never Wait to Seek Medical Attention after a Car Accident

If you were injured in an automobile accident, you typically must report the incident to the insurance company within 24 hours. If you weren’t at fault for the accident, you should contact the insurance provider of the at-fault driver. You’ll probably be required to provide information about the cause of the accident and the extent of your injuries. Similarly, addressing the problem immediately after the accident also comes with other numerous benefits. Because auto accident injuries can have long-term effects on your comfort, health, and quality of life, seeking Chiropractic treatment as soon as you notice symptoms of any injury is the best way to minimize the consequences of your injuries.

Think about this, when you are about to have a collision, your body will tighten itself to brace for the impact or to guard the unexpected. Your muscles tighten throughout your body to protect their prospective areas. This tightening causes your muscles to be pulled and, in some cases, torn. The endorphins and adrenaline released in these stressful situations can mask this pain and the real damages will be noticed later the same day or in some cases days later.

As your muscles relax and the stress of the initial accident subsides, you may begin to experience muscle pain. You must be aware of these pain signals from your body. Should you experience stabbing pain or consistent throbbing pain, this is a sign you need to seek medical care.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, you can find the necessary treatment from T98 Rehab & Chiropractic. We offer a free consultation with “same day” appointments available, there is no need to delay getting the care you need.

Medical Records as Evidence

After an accident, seeking health care immediately will protect your rights to compensation for your health. At T98 Rehab & Chiropractic does not require upfront payments from injured parties (not at fault). Instead, we may provide necessary services and then work with the patient (you) and any involved insurance companies to determine who needs to pay what amount.

Start treating at T98 Rehab & Chiropractic will help in alleviating some of the potential problems, which may worsen over time. You’ll also have medical records which will help you get compensation especially if the accident was due to the negligence of the other driver (at fault).

(Note: If you have a personal injury attorney, the attorney may address these claims for you. These claims should be listed on the settlement sheet your attorney presents you for approval once your personal injury case has been resolved. You don’t have to worry about communicating the expenses with your attorney. We can do that for you, and we do work with an attorney on medical liens and LOP.)

Claims by the Insurance Company

Being injured in an auto accident, you can find the necessary treatments from T98 Rehab & Chiropractic. When an auto accident is not a person’s fault, the initial step is to file a personal injury claim with the at fault insurance (the responsible party). Typically, an attorney or the treating facility will facilitate the medical lien or work with the insurance company of the responsible party to negotiate the amount covered. Essentially, this enables the injured person of the auto accident to have their health care paid for by the other person’s auto insurance. T98 Rehab & Chiropractic may not require upfront payment from injured parties. Instead, we may provide necessary services and treatments, then work with the patient (you) and any involved insurance companies to determine payment. Your health comes first!

It shortens the recovery period

A car accident could lead to life-altering injuries especially if you don’t get immediate health care attention. The impact may cause the injuries to intensify especially when you do not seek immediate assistance from a medical professional. Addressing the problem at the onset will shorten the recovery period. Therefore, it is always wise to visit your doctor after the accident. Chiropractors also make an excellent alternative. A Chiropractor will help restore motion to your spine, muscles, and joints. This will help the body to heal much faster. We are about results!

Who Pays for the Chiropractor and other Medical Bills After an Auto Accident Injury?

In most cases, the negligent driver and their insurer will pay for the unpaid facility cost. This will not only include other medical bills but also the charges for chiropractic treatment and visits. If you are not at fault, the negligent driver (insurance) covers some or all the health care bills. Your insurance may also chip in if you have personal injury cover.

Generally, most insurance companies do not hesitate to pay for chiropractic care. An attorney may be used to secure your claim and begin the process of filing against the other party. T98 chiropractors have worked with many attorneys to provide the necessary information and documentation so patients can continue receiving the care they need.

When Not to See a Chiropractor

Visiting a Chiropractor will provide fast relief from pain. This could also prevent the worsening of the injuries over time. To see if chiropractic care is right for your auto injury, the chiropractors at T98 Rehab Chiropractic and Wellness will perform a consultation, examination and if necessary, refer you out for diagnostic imaging such as x-ray or MRI. Based on the findings of our chiropractic exam and consultation, your doctor of chiropractic may elect to co-treat your auto injury with other healthcare professionals including PCP, Pain Management, Orthopedics and Physical Therapists.

However, if you do not experience any of the symptoms, you do not need to seek further care. If need be, ensure that the chiropractor or other health providers are aware of all your medical conditions prior to the accident.

Potential Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

Physical pain after an automobile accident is more common than most people tend to think. Unfortunately very few are aware of the potential treatment that can fit your needs. If you reside in Texas, seeking treatment from T98 Rehab & Chiropractic Wellness Center will help you get back to your normal life within a short time. Our years of experience as chiropractors will help to prevent further injuries as well as easing current conditions. Below are some of the benefits of seeking chiropractic care after a car accident.

  1. Treatment of Invisible Injuries

    Car accident injuries are often invisible like the common whiplash. Most internal injuries as well as joint misalignment are only noticed through physical touch or extensive diagnostic imaging. T98 chiropractors will determine the injuries from your first visit and come up with a customized treatment program to tailor your needs.

  2. Restoration of Motion

    When auto accident injuries are left untreated, they tend to worsen over time. One of the common injuries from an auto accident is whiplash, which decreases your range of motion. A decreased range of motion will not only decrease your productivity but also slows down the healing process as it restricts nutrients and blood from flowing properly.

  3. Reduce Scar Tissue

    Contrary to what most people think, scars do not only form on the external part of the body. After car accidents, muscles and tendons may also develop scars, which if not treated could turn into stiffness. This could also worsen, making your body lose its natural mobility. Our experienced chiropractors can distinguish and adjust the parts to prevent the injuries from worsening.

  4. Non-Invasive Treatment

    While surgeries and medications can help in tackling the pain and injuries sustained during the accident, other alternative treatments can help you get back on your feet within a short time. Chiropractic care are just as effective and reduces recovery time significantly.

What to Expect During Your Visits to our office

Your first visit will take the time to perform an evaluation and a thorough exam of the injured area, and specifically identify the underlying cause of your symptoms. In some cases, the Chiropractor will order for an X-ray or MRI to look for hidden and underlying injuries. Once this causative agent is identified, a care plan will help to relieve the pain you are experiencing as a result of the accident and to correct and stabilize your condition so that the pain doesn’t return in the future.

Physically recovering after a crash is hard enough and we are all aware that many legal complications can go along with that. We have addressed insurance-related questions regarding accidents for over 10 years now. Our team has thousands of hours of experience with these cases and we work in an integrative approach so other medical providers will help you get your life back to normal in as little time as possible.


Most often, our chiropractors start the treatment at your first visit. The chiropractor will ask you to lie on the special treatment table for an adjustment. After lying on the bed, he/she will move the part being treated to its maximum range. This could be your neck, shoulder, or back.

The process isn’t painful and takes a short time. Depending on the nature of the injuries, the chiropractor could also give other treatment alongside the adjustment. This will include ice or heat massage to soothe the irritated nerves. 

After Treatment

 Before leaving the clinic, our chiropractors will recommend some exercises to do at home. They may also advise you on the right nutrition and diet. We do not prescribe drugs, however, the right nutrition is key to hastening the recovery process. 

Finally, the chiropractor will schedule a follow-up visit. Our chiropractic treatment lasts for several weeks. You will need to return 2 -4 times although this will depend on the nature of the injury. Follow-up visits are shorter than the first visit and often last for 20 -30 minutes.

Why choose T98 Rehab Chiropractic and Wellness

If you have been injured in an auto accident, schedule a consultation with the Chiropractors at T98 Rehab and Chiropractic. Walk-Ins are also welcome at our clinic! Car accidents are stressful and could cause life-altering injuries. However, with the help of our caring Chiropractors and staff, the injuries can heal faster, allowing you to get back to your normal routine within a shorter period. Contact us today for a free consultation!

The bottom line

If you have experienced any of the above injuries; don’t wait until it is too late to contact our  Chiropractor. Our experienced professionals are trained to provide you with various treatment methods that help with your health and injuries.

Here at T98 Rehab & Chiropractic, our goal is to help patients recover and get results! We listen to our patients and treat every case based on evaluation and findings. Every accident has a different story, and every story is unique. Our Chiropractors and staff are trained to help you towards your journey to recovery, and most importantly we get results! Like mentioned before, auto accidents can be life-changing and extremely stressful. Aside from physical injury, many suffer emotionally as well. We want to help ease the stress one feels after an auto accident. We are here to help people who have suffered from an auto injury and provide the care you need!